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What is energy and why is it important?

Simply answered, energy is the ultimate vital life force. Everything is energy and energy is everything.

31st October 2020

In our modern-day Western culture, many people might think of energy in its practical, kinetic sense. Some may even believe that energy came about at the time of electricity, but in terms of how we’re looking at energy here, it’s the life-force energy we’re interested in. The infinite source of unseen energy that flows between us and everything we can see and feel around us. 

In a practical sense, kinetic energy comes in the identifiable forms of electrical, light, mechanical, sound and thermal forces. Of course, recognisable kinetic energy is the force that causes things to move. For example, the energy stored in a piece of wood will be released when it’s burnt. Obvious sources of energy include the sun, the sea, sound and radio waves and electromagnetic pulses; we use them every day.



But what of the all-important life-force energy that flows within us, around us and above us? 

Thousands of years prior to the invention of familiar energetic elements like electricity or radio, ancient cultures realised that there’s much more to energy than meets the eye (quite literally). The illuminated perspective on energy, across the Eastern Continents and the Central and Southern Americas (as well as indigenous people of Australia, Polynesia and Africa) derived the importance of life-force energy in respect of how it affected them physically, spiritually and emotionally. They had ‘tapped into’ the fact that maintaining a healthy energetic field was tantamount to optimum wellbeing. This life-force energy was known to have great importance in a collective sense as well as individual and as such, many forms of energy healing were borne and shared down generation after generation. 

It’s probably true to say that the civilisations, which Western society deemed as ‘less civilised’ were actually far more in tune with mind, body, spirit wellness and the importance of energy way before we ever were. The Europeans are only thought to have started to include energy work within the remit of health and wellness in the 16th Century - and those doctors were considered to be ‘quacks’ or even heretics; they were vilified and their work in the public mainstream was belittled into oblivion. Thankfully, they continued their work (mostly in secret) and as such, a unique European testament to energy health was brought about, slowly… 

The ancient Chinese are thought to be some of the first to harness the power of life-force energy, known as Qi, or ‘Chi’ (pronounced, Chee). Establishing longstanding techniques and practices to take care of their health holistically, with Qi being at the root of it all; which of course, it is. The Chinese believed (and still do), that Qi flows in and around us, linking us to everything, creating a functioning unity between all things. When this Qi is blocked, there is ill-health and so exercises and treatments were developed to enable wellness, longevity and stability. 



Tai-Chi, Qi-Gong, breathing techniques, meditation and acupuncture are all time-honoured practices that derived from the ancient Chinese mastery of Qi wellness; practices we recognise and utilise today. 

In ancient Vedic and Hindu philosophy and practice, as well as Indian medicine and wellness, life-force energy is known as Prana. Whilst the Chinese define energy as life-force or Qi; Prana is physical, mental, and spiritual energy. Prana is thought to be power, developed and strengthened through yogic breathing techniques and movements, these are known as Pranayama. 

Across the globe, for thousands of years, ancient cultures have cultivated and harnessed the waves of vital life-force energy. With the progress of science and understanding of physics, there is perhaps a little less cynicism in that of the ‘unseen’. For example, scientists only recently discovered that it is energy (waves) that causes hearts to beat, but the actual heart itself (particles) was discovered thousands of years ago. What’s the betting that the ancients respected and nurtured the notion of the energy of the heart (soul) long before.


"Across the globe, for thousands of years, ancient cultures have cultivated and harnessed the waves of vital life-force energy."


‘Physics, that most precise of sciences, shows that there is a unity behind all existence, one that provides connections in new, amazing and previously un-demonstrated ways. In that unity, matter in the body forms “one huge, coherent vibration,” and existence continually remakes itself, it’s electrons forming and reforming in dancing clouds.’ - Quantum physicist Dr Hans-Peter Düer, April 2015

Living in a world that is awakening to the wisdom of the ancient philosophies of energy couldn’t come at a more important time. As we battle ill-health, fractious communities, divisive politics and too much news and negativity from who knows where, looking inward and concentrating on our energy is vital. Taking the time to understand the complete connection we have with our universe and the people and creatures in it will be the only way we can keep this world turning. It is energy that makes the world go round after all, and we; WE are the energy. 

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